Austin Etherington has spent the majority of his high school career sidelined with injuries. Etherington has finally put some distance between himself and his last injury and it has translated into more confident play. As a sophomore, after missing the first 15 games, Etherington burst back averaging 16 points and 7 rebounds per contest. By all accounts the dead eye shooter is among the top guards in the 2011 class and he holds no less than five high major offers.

Recently Full Court Preps Writer David Money was able to catch up with Etherington.

F.C.P. - Could you sum up your game for folks who have not had a chance to see you play?

Etherington- I am a two guard or a three that can shoot the ball and penetrate to the basket.

F.C.P.- What have you been working on this summer?

Etherington- Getting low on my drive. Working on my shot and trying to get more shots up. I am learning to shoot over taller defenders and stuff like that.

F.C.P.- How are you recovering from the injury's?

Etherington- I am 100 percent, I am all good.

F.C.P.- Can you talk about how you guys did at Hamilton last season?

Etherigton- I missed the first 15 games. When I started playing we were about .500 and we ended up plus three. I think we only lost four games when I was playing. I did alright, I averaged about 16 points per game.

F.C.P.- What schools are showing interest in you?

Etherington- I have five offers. I have Xavier, Indiana, Butler, Oklahoma State, and New Mexico. Ohio State is right there, I'm hoping to get that offer.

F.C.P.- Do you have a leader at this point?

Etherington- Not really. It's all open. It's all up in the air.

F.C.P.- Do you plan on taking any visits?

Etherington- Yeah I'm hoping that in the fall I can get out to Oklahoma St. and see what it's like. I'll probably go back to Indiana and Xavier.