In the last week Oklahoma State has called and offered Chane Behanan Last week Travis Ford from Oklahoma State came in to watch him personally. Also last week assistant coaches from WKU, West Virginia and Mississippi State there to watch him and the kids in open gym. As most of you have probably heard by now since Jody Demling of the Courier Journal had it on Friday along with a few other folks. Chance took an unofficial visit to the University of Kentucky on Saturday and toured the facilities, watched the UL – UK football game and hung out with Calipari, staff and players. By all accounts He was blown away and really had a great time.

A few things that are exclusive to this site as of now are are that: Tomorrow Bob Huggins is coming in to visit and then Travis Ford will come in about an hour later. On Tuesday Rick Stansbury from Mississippi State will be in. Please check back for more on on this ultra talented player as details unfold with all of the visits. As of now the list looks of schools for Behanan looks like this: (in no particular order)

Mississippi State
Oklahoma State
Penn State
West Virginia
Western Kentucky

2010 Louisville commit Josh Langford is a very talented player that has had stints ranked in all three of the mainstream publications. Currently we have Langford rated #52 in the 2010 class. Recently Full Court Preps writer David Money was able to catch up with the talented senior.

Wichita State and Kansas State both offered 2012 forward Perry Ellis (pictured) today. Ellis is widely considered to be a top 5 prospect in the class. His list of suitors include a who's who of the NCAA's elite, including- Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona and Kentucky.

Bowling Green's (KY) Chane Behanan's current list of suitors are: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma State Univ, West Virginia University, Western Kentucky and Cincinnati. Most of them will be coming in this month to see him and several are trying to get him on campus sometime this fall for an unofficial visit. No front runner at this time, he is just enjoying the process.

Greenup County (KY) forward Trey Williams has heard from VCU and Marshall, not sure how interested Marshall is but, VCU is becoming increasingly infatuated with the versatile Williams. The staff is expected to visit Williams sometime this month.

2011 guard Darius Clement is receiving interest from a couple of prestigious NAIA schools- Robert Morris College in Chicago and Auburn University at Montgomery.

Mike Bradley's (pictured) official visit dates are set Sept 11-12 Georgia, September 18-19 Drake Sept 25-26 UCONN, Oct 2-3, VCU Oct, 8. Boston College Coach's Skinner and Duquette and VCU Coach's Smart and Wade were in Chattanooga yesterday to visit Bradley. Georgia and Drake are set to visit with him be today. Belmont and Murray State are set for next week. Bradley is currently rated #99 in the class of 2010.

Another solid 2010 player out of Tennessee is 5'11 guard Cory Stanton (Springfield/TN Tigers AAU) he has an official visit Sept 25 with Wright State. Tennessee Martin and Lipscomb visited Cory yesterday. Wright St. and Marshall either visited him last Saturday or will be this coming Saturday. Tulsa, Tulane, Mississippi State, Appalachian State, Jacksonville and MTSU are all actively involved in his recruitment.

Recently, I was also able to catch up with 2010 Louisville commit Josh Langford and I should have that ready to post tomorrow afternoon.

I recently read this Washington Post article titled "Fans Cannot Be Involved in Recruiting, but the Line Blurs". I found some of the behavior in the below excerpts particularly interesting:

1. "Barton had seen the men before, liked them, and said he knew they wanted him to play college basketball at North Carolina State. After recalling great moments in Wolfpack history in front of a video camera, media members began shooting baskets; Barton took a basketball from one of the men, Lou Pascucci, and said: "Check up, check up. Roll that camera!" The 6-foot-6 Barton challenged the 5-8 Pascucci to engage in a most unusual activity for an interviewee and a media member, a one-on-one game with high stakes: If Pascucci won, Barton would pledge to go to N.C. State

Pascucci and his friend Matthew Bradham, two North Carolina State graduates and fans of the basketball team, posted the video of the one-on-one game (which Barton won quickly) on their six-month-old Web site, But they took it down after a North Carolina State official recommended they do so. Both said last week they would never play such a game again and would never try to persuade a prospect to go to North Carolina State, and that they felt Barton merely was joking around."

"I can go out and pay $9.99 to buy a Web site," said James Henderson, the managing editor of, a Scout affiliate that covers North Carolina State. "That doesn't make me a credible media member. It gives us a bad name. I roll my eyes when I hear people talk about super fans, because a lot of our sites get lumped together with these others."

2. "Dave Kersey, a Kentucky fan who is an administrator on, posted that he sat and talked with Barton's mother during a tournament in Orlando and discussed the possibility of her son reneging on his commitment to Memphis.

In a July 29 entry, Kersey wrote: "When I mentioned to her . . . that there was a rumor floating around about Will being not so sure about his quick trigger with Memphis, she looked me straight in the eye and said 'he's going to Memphis.' . . . Behind the scenes I know there is some movement, just not sure what. And, I think she didn't understand my capacity as a non-coach, just a fan, so that she thought she shouldn't be talking with me in those tones

In regards to the first infraction mentioned, there is no excuse for the behavior of owner/operator's of the first site. However the operator of the Scout site takes advantage of the "super fans" ignorant blunder (who in no way represent what Full Court Preps is about) by shelling out the "anyone can buy a website line." How did Scout begin providing recruiting information to Internet users? Probably by buying a website.

A journalism degree helps writer's word observations and convey assessments to readers. Working for a big company like Fox or Yahoo provides a writer or scout with journalistic credibility. However, these attributes fail to make any site immune to the problems that can arise with independent "fan sites". If anything it could blur the lines even more. If an aspiring journalist attends Y university, then goes to work for, couldn't this prove to be equally as ominous? You will see if you read on.

Recently, I have had coaches contact me about players. I have never given or searched out any information specifically for one coach or program about a particular player. I am very aware of the fact that it goes on, but could not begin to estimate the extent. I politely say sure coach and never return another e-mail or phone call. Although I sincerely appreciate coaches visiting the site, I don't want to cross any lines. I have a friend that writes at a national site. He routinely interviews players at the request of a coach, to see if the kid mentions the coach's school. This always happens by the coach reaching out first, usually with the phone number of a player. I have another acquaintance that works for a national site and he has committed infractions by encouraging players to go to school X , coincidentally his alma mater, while on company time. I do not partake in these activities nor do I condone them. I have always and will continue to advise them not to either.

The second of the above excerpts is seemingly (on the surface) in violation of NCAA guidelines. It is improper for a "booster" or fan to have contact with recruits or potential recruits. However Barton's mom was (presumably) unaware that Kersey was a fan of any program at the time of the encounter. Honestly, I am unsure about the rules on contacting parents, but I would assume that this type of contact falls under the no contact umbrella and is also deemed to be improper.

I am a fan of most sports (like the majority of writers), NBA, NFL, NCAA basketball and football. I never bring that to a tournament, email, or phone call. Personally, I know that my overall writing ability needs improvement. I also feel that I am providing UNBIASED information that is important to players, fans, parents and coaches.

If the NCAA ever does crack down on this I think that the ramifications of it would reach farther than just Joe fan starting up a web site. Like I previously stated coaches are asking people for information and some are often willing to offer it up. The ones offering up the information work for both small and large websites. Some think that it's cool to "be involved" while others have motives and agendas of their own. The bottom line is that small time writers, well known writers and division one coaches will all have some questions to answer.

I think that the writer's at the Post bring up some very good points on issues that need addressed, but please do not confuse what we do with any of the infractions mentioned in the article. This site is not a "fan site"- meaning dedicated to one collegiate team. This site has never encouraged any player to attend any university, period. On this site you will find no one team that the material is dedicated too. We strive to cover players rather than just one teams targets, in hopes of providing exposure for some lesser known players in the process. If any of you ever see me out at an event (please come over and say hello) you will notice that I will NEVER be wearing any collegiate apparel or accessories. I am at all times very aware and very conscious of the NCAA's rules regarding fan ship (boosters) and contact with recruits.

Finally, there is a right that supersedes any law or bi-law that the NCAA can issue and that is the right of free speech. The same right that gave the Washington Post the power to write the article gives the people the right to cover basketball; hopefully in an unbiased fashion that is essential in preserving the sanctity of the game. My perception of high school and collegiate athletics is that the sports are in their most pure and honest form. I hope that it remains that way for a long time.

Mike Bradley is stellar player out of Memphis Tennessee and is currently rated #99 in the 2010 class. Bradley's AAU coach has informed us that he will be taking official visits to UCONN, VCU, Drake, and Georgia. Bradley is also considering Murray State and Boston College both are making a hard push for his services. Bradley has already visited Belmont and he currently holds no less than five division one scholarship offers.